Kenyan online logistics Startup ”Sendy” got a new deal with Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Kenyan Logistics Startup ”Sendy” got a new deal with “KAM”, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers to reduce transportation cost for Kenyan manufacturers.

Sendy is the Kenyan startup offering online logistics application connecting customers with Drivers to help deliver stuffs.

Transportation cost in Kenya is relatively high when compared to developed countries with well organized road and commercial vehicles’ network.

Under such situation in Kenya, Sendy will target manufacturers doing big load cargo deliveries countrywide.

“Part of KAM’s goal to our members is to enhance market access for products, locally and globally, and to grow exports by 33 percent by 2019. By partnering with Sendy to offer logistics education and knowledge to our members, we believe it will add value and help the members reduce their logistics costs,” KAM boss Phyllis Wakiaga said at an event held at the Nairobi Serena Hotel.

Under the deal, manufacturers can opt to use pick-ups, vans and trucks from Sendy’s platform.

Customers pay 1,500KES (15USD) for up to five kilometres covered on Sendy’s platform while a three-tonne truck costs 5,900KES (59USD), 6,500KES (65USD) for five tonnes and 7,600KES (76USD) for deliveries by a 10 -tonne truck for up to 20 kilometres.

Sendy will also train more than 200 manufacturers on how to cut down their logistics costs through the use of technology under the new deal with KAM.


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