• And Africa launched ECD (Easy Collect & Drop), a last-mile delivery solution in Africa to answer to the different challenges facing the industry.
  • ECD introduces various delivery options to fit the customers needs, including the traditional Door-to-Door delivery and ECD Points delivery. ECD Points are fixed location where customers can drop off or pick up their parcels such as ECD Partner Stores.
  • EC/logistics companies can improve delivery efficiency and minimize redelivery costs. In addition, end consumers can send and receive parcels simply and inexpensively, and receive and return items when shopping online.
  • ECD started a Software Solutions Provision Service under the name ECD Software Solutions. ECD offers companies with logistics & courier needs cutting-edge software solutions to optimize their operations and access valuable data to drive productivity and efficiency. the software is designed to seamlessly manage the logistics needs, with real-time tracking, route optimization, visibility, and more.


  • Logi-IQ, is a route optimization & logistics management software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for efficient logistics. through Logi-IQ, we aim to help businesses unlock their full logistics potential and drive growth through streamlined operations.
  • Logi-IQ’s user-friendly platform allows its customers you to effortlessly add drivers, vehicles, and depots, enabling you to manage your resources efficiently. It’s an ideal solution to eliminate manual paperwork and cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • One of the key features of Logi-IQ is our advanced route optimization capability. Our intelligent algorithms analyze factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and delivery windows to assign orders to the most suitable drivers and vehicles. This ensures optimal efficiency and minimizes unnecessary mileage, saving time and reducing fuel costs.
  • With real-time tracking integrated into Logi-IQ, our users gain complete visibility over their operations. It is easy to monitor the progress of each order, track drivers’ locations, and provide accurate updates to customers.
  • Logi-IQ goes beyond just optimization and tracking. We provide comprehensive analytics and reports that give users valuable insights into their logistics operations. With data-driven decision-making, users can continuously optimize their logistics process, drive efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more: LOGI-IQ


  • And Africa launched Oji Shop, an e-commerce website specialized in selling quality Japanese products in Africa.
  • The purpose of this platform is to provide Japanese companies wishing to expand to Africa with data/reports to help them decide on the best Market Entry Strategy through a comprehensive test marketing solution, including all relevant insights.
  • Oji shop is also a perfect e-commerce platform for African consumers to discover and purchase a variety of Japanese products that didn’t have access to previously.