Development of new sales channels in Africa

And Africa supports the following tasks in terms of development new sales channels in Africa.

II Research the regulation of each country

We organize the major import regulations of each country and confirm whether your targeted merchandise can be exported to the target countries, first.
If necessary, we check from customs clearance officers and apply for permission to local authorities.
※Confirmation to local customs clearance officer (Tunisia);


II List up local wholesale and retail companies

We list local wholesale and retail companies that have high affinity with your company’s products.
In addition to simply listing, we also provide information on each company (company outline, performance / financial information, credit information, site information, contact information, etc.).
※Output image of local wholesale / retail company list (including financial information);

II Make appointments with the listed companies

Among the companies listed above, we will try to make an appointment with the right person directly by using our network. Even in the absence of a network, we will contact all companies and make appointments for business meetings.

II Business meeting with local company

In advance, we discuss about policy and related matters with your company, and then hold meetings with local company. If your company participates in a local meeting, we facilitate at the meeting. In addition, we will hold a sample of your sample product at the local meeting. As a result, there is a dramatic difference in the progress speed of the negotiations.

II Negotiation of detailed conditions

After the initial meeting, we negotiate the detailed conditions. At this time, Our African consultants can negotiate more concrete and advantageous conditions.
※Actual state of business talk with the local company (Morocco local wholesale company)

II Drafting major issues in contracts

We list the conditions of contracts with local companies and draft their respective policies.
In addition, it is possible to respond to the creation of a draft of the contract based on our expert network.
※Output image of the conditions of contracts list;

II Export agency service

After signing the trading contract, we take over the tasks related to the export of merchandise to the local site.
By considering appropriate transportation method and closely cooperating with local companies, we act on behalf of a series of tasks required to conduct transactions safely.