Market research

II As a first step in considering advancement, grasp opportunities and the degree of risk

For overseas expansion, various market research is required according to the business form and products to be handled.
For example, when exporting goods, it’s essential to investigate normal import and export regulations and customs system.
In addition, it’s necessary to investigate special regulations as required for foods and cosmetics, regulations that need to be handled in the local product distribution, and consider countermeasures to clear it.
When establishing a corporation in the target country, it’s necessary to investigate the foreign capital regulation of the target country, the regulation of the free zone, and consider the optimal location based on the research outcome.
And Africa is familiar with the market environment and regulatory content of a wide range of fields in Africa and we can conduct optimal investigation according to your situation.

II Special characteristics of African market

When conducting market research, it’s necessary to concretely assume the local merchandise flow and sales area according to the characteristics of products and services, target customers.
After that, it’s important to conduct necessary surveys, such as selling prices and competing products.
As a trading company, we are exporting Japanese commodities to Africa, so we deeply understand the characteristics of the African market.
“Who, what, why, how, how often do consumers purchase in each market ? ”
We clarify it first.
Referring to the results above, we propose some of the strategic direction for your company, prioritize and evaluate each, and then propose the best strategy policy.

※The output image of demand survey;


II Comprehensive support that is necessary for exporting from legal investigation to business procedure creation

In the market research of And Africa, we also investigate local regulations.
In addition to that, And Africa works closely with local regulators, law firms and partner companies to provide total support until the start of business.
Based on these, we show concrete procedures to clear the regulations in the output documents.