Business model generation・Feasibility study

In the target market, we promote to consider the mechanism your company earn and continue your business by creating WIN-WIN relationship with local market.

II Business model generation

When developing businesses targeting the African market, it’s necessary to create a business model that takes market specificity into consideration.
Needless to say, consideration of monetization is really important.
The term “planning a business model” as used herein is organizing the flow of “human, stuff, money, information” and considering the way in which the market and business owner are continuously WIN-WIN through the business.
When considering a business model, it is necessary to consider several factors such as impact, feasibility, risk, Investment collection period, strength of your company and market specificity.
And Africa proposes multiple business model ideas, evaluates each idea diversely, and selects the best one for your business.

II Feasibility study

We assess whether the planned business model actually works or not.
Concretely speaking, we conduct interviews with stakeholders on the business model, investigation of similar cases, and other necessary investigations.
In cases where you are considering developing a new sales channel in the African market, we also conduct on-site“test marketing”.
After going through the above steps, we move on to “formulation of business planning and financial simulation”.