Business plan・Financial simulation

When judging goodness of the new business in early stage.
And, when acquiring in-house consensus toward securing budge.
In these cases, business planning and financial simulation are indispensable.

II “Realistic” formulation method with consideration about special factors

Business in Africa includes many instability factors and variable elements unlike business in developed countries.
Specific factors include politics, corruption, religion, unseasonable weather, human error and so on.
However, it is impossible to reflect all these factors in the plan in advance.
When considering business development in Africa, it’s inefficient to formulate a plan that sticks to details over time.
Instead, it’s more efficient to formulate a rough plan quickly, take action immediately, and then reflect the facts found in the process into the plan.
For this reason, And Africa recommends formulating a business plan and financial simulation for Africa business as soon as possible and updating it on a case-by-case basis.
Meanwhile, even a plan at the initial stage should not have fatal defects, so we formulate a realistic plan incorporating the risk occurrence probability and its impact.

II Reason for choosing us

In And Africa, the following consultants assist you in planning your Africa business.

・Japanese consultant with abundant experience in business planning / financial simulation creation
・South African consultant with abundant knowledge of African market (especially RSA)

We create a business plan / financial simulation with groundwork on the ground quickly, and build a management system in your Africa business.

※The output image of financial simulation (In part);