And Africa launched Beta version of LogiーIQ, a logistics SaaS solution

Logi-IQ Transforms Logistics Efficiency


This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to advancing logistics technology and invites industry professionals to engage with the platform


In the intricate realm of logistics management, challenges abound, posing formidable obstacles to operational efficiency and financial prudence. The mismanagement of invaluable resources—time, costs, and fuel—casts a looming shadow, threatening the core of streamlined logistics. Inefficient planning, synchronization bottlenecks, and tracking intricacies compound these challenges, impeding optimal performance. A beacon of solution emerges in the form of route optimization—a strategic tool promising to dismantle inefficiencies, enhance cost-effectiveness, and provide precise control over the logistical landscape.

Logi-IQ, the new route optimization SaaS solution, marks a transformative leap in logistics and delivery management. Designed to address inefficiencies in logistics planning, resource waste, and communication challenges faced by businesses, Logi-IQ is set to redefine the standards of operational excellence with affordable pricing.

And Africa Co., Ltd., a seasoned provider of software solutions within the logistics industry, is poised to introduce the Alpha version of Logi-IQ in February 2024. Presently, the Beta iteration of Logi-IQ is accessible for exploration, without charge, from November 15th to January 31st. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to advancing logistics technology and invites industry professionals to engage with the platform, shaping the future of efficient logistics management.


Key Features of Logi-IQ: Unveiling Operational Excellence

  1. Route Optimization: Logi-IQ offers an advanced system surpassing traditional planning methods, considering task priorities, driver availability, vehicle capacity, and safety considerations. This feature is already available in the beta access of Logi-IQ.
  2. Driver Assigning and Management: An intelligent auto-assigning system matches drivers with tasks, eliminating wasted resources and overtime.
  3. Tasks Management: Logi-IQ simplifies tasks and drivers’ management through an intuitive Admin Dashboard and Drivers’ App.
  4. Paperless Tasks Completion: The mobile app for drivers enables digital task completion, eliminating the need for paper documents.
  5. Business Intelligence: Logi-IQ’s tools harness the power of data for performance reports and valuable insights, ensuring continuous improvement.


Join the Logistics Revolution with Logi-IQ

Beyond the exciting announcement of the Logi-IQ Beta’s free availability from November 15th, 2023 to January 31st, 2024, the full suite of features will define Logi-IQ as a game-changer once the final product is live. Be an early adopter, influence the future, and redefine how logistics and delivery are managed. Visit Logi-IQ Website ( to register and become part of the logistics revolution.

By becoming a part of the Logi-IQ Beta community, users gain access to the initial spectrum of features (, allowing them to seamlessly register drivers, vehicles, and locations. Employing the optimization tool, users can export refined task schedules, experiencing firsthand the transformative capabilities of Logi-IQ. The invaluable feedback ( contributed by the beta community plays a pivotal role in shaping and refining features for the official release of the Logi-IQ service slated for next year.