Announcement of Post-Seed Round Fundraising

And Africa Co., Ltd. has raised post-seed capital through a third-party allocation of new shares from private investors. With this financing, we strengthen our service development and operations in Republic of South Africa (Hereinafter, it is expressed as South Africa).

ECD Driver using ECD locker

ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) project led by And Africa Co., Ltd comes as response to the many challenges facing the last mile delivery industry in South Africa and other African countries. These challenges include the relatively high costs of delivery due to inefficient delivery functioning and performance, and the occurrence of redelivery, which is considered as a recurring problem. To contribute to solving these issues, we are providing ECD, a smart logistics service, in South Africa.

We make use of ECD Points that include ECD smart-lockers and ECD Partner-Stores, as Pick-Up and Drop-Off points to offer a seamless service to the customers which includes an easy online process and a flexible parcel’s pickup and drop off time.

As a comprehensive delivery service provider centred around convenience, we also offer customers the ordinary DOOR-to-DOOR delivery, a service that was added as a natural response to the customer’s needs and demands.

ECD Services

Through our ECD Points, users can receive and send parcels without any hassles.

Additionally, users can enjoy much more affordable prices for the DOOR-to-DOOR than the already existing delivery solutions.


《CEO Message》

We’re tackling inefficient and stressful deliveries for customers and drivers.

Our approach is to deliver packages from a fixed point to another fixed point.

By doing so, customers can be free from waiting and enjoy affordable delivery fees. For drivers, they don’t have to struggle with finding customers’ addresses.

Additionally, by eliminating redelivery, we contribute to reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue our efforts to be a part of the transformation process of logistics in Africa.

We appreciate your continued support.