ZenVentures added massaging function!

ZenVentures which is the platform run by And Africa Co., Ltd. has been added a message function.

Previously, it was a flow of requesting an email address, obtaining approval from the management side, sharing the email address, starting communication.

But from now on, it will be possible to send a message directly to the person you want to contact in ZenVentures.

From “Match Making”, select the person you are interested in and send a message from “Send Message” at the bottom of the individual information page.

There is also a function to delete messages in case of sending by mistake and a function to block contact from the other party, so you can use it with peace of mind.

It will be available for free for all users within 2019 and free for startups and professionals even after that.

Please use ZenVentures for matching with your best partners.