DHL is expanding its e-commerce to 20 African countries

DHL released its digital retail app “AFRICA eSHOP” in April 2019, bringing more than  20 countries.

U.K. and U.S. retailers online in markets across the continent. Nigerian startup MallforAfrica is supporting their platform operation by providing white-label fulfillment service, Link Commerce, and Nigeria’s Paga and Kenya’s M-Pesa also supporting in terms of payment options.


DHL declined to comment on its competition with Jumia, but The news of DHL Africa eShop’s expansion comes one month after its rival in the Africa region, Jumia, went public.


Jumia was founded in 2012, operates consumer retail and online service verticals in 14 African countries, raising more than $200 million in an NYSE IPO. It also became the first African unicorn startup in 2016 following a $326 funding round.


E-commerce startups have captured the attention of investors looking to tap Africa’s growing consumer markets. According to McKinsey & Company‘s research, consumer spending on the continent to reach $2.1 trillion by 2025, with e-commerce accounting for up to 10%.