South African online ticketing startup, Quicket achieved R1 billion sales

South Africa startup Quicket which offering online ticketing service has made more than $70 million in total sales.


According to Quicket their growth rate is roughly 70% year on year. Since 2011, they have done more than 50,000 events on the platform and also sold R4 million even in its first year. This year they are hoping to facilitate between R250m to R300m in sales.


They take 2.4% of the commission fees for ticketing, which covers the ticketing component of their fees. Also, they have a field service department to support people having big events.


Quicket was founded by James Hedley, Michael Kennedy, and James Tagg, and they based in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently, they’re selling tickets in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia, and also planning to expand in Ghana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Egypt as well.